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My favourite pieces

As I’ve mentioned before, I really like jewellery. I’ve built up a collection over the last 30 years and have got a piece for every occasion; feeling nostalgic? A family heirloom is the perfect adornment.  Feeling a little low? Something absolutely ridiculous (my Nicolas Cage as the Mona Lisa earrings are a particular favourite) is a must. Everyday wear? An R2D2 necklace or a rose gold pendant with a freakish engraving of my son’s first drawing of me (I’ve got GIANT HANDS apparently).  Very few (if any!) pieces have a significant value – most are purely sentimental, but that’s how I like it.  I’m not sure I could leave the house in anything that costs more than a month’s salary, but can appreciate exceptional craftsmanship (both contemporary and antique) and if I did have anything worth that much I’d insist on sitting around in my wedding dress, Miss Havisham style, using our special china and crystal wine glasses and dramatically and emphatically lounging.

What are your favourite pieces? And what’s the most ridiculous but beloved piece of jewellery you own?

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