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10% OFF for Orders above £20, Use Code SALE10
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About Us

Welcome to Gem's Treasures!

Hello - my name is Gemma and Gem’s Treasures is the culmination of 20 years of faffing about with jewellery.  Boxes of beads, jewellery findings and embroidery thread can be find in every cupboard and drawer – I’m a walking haberdashery, shedding sequins like an oversized pixie wherever I go. 

Finally, after many years of hoarding ALL THE THINGS, I’ve decided to get this show on the road. It’s a completely selfish endeavour, populated with only the things I like, but I hope that you enjoy them too. Some I’ve made, some I’ve sourced from wonderful UK designers, but all are fun and designed to last.  I’ll soon be adding a collection of upcycled jewellery to the website too, so watch this space for new additions to the site in the coming months.

If you’ve got any questions (about the jewellery or postage, not necessarily about popular culture or European politics, as I’ll struggle to provide useful insight about that) I’m here to help! Just get in touch and I’ll get back to you when I can.